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High-rise construction

Slipforming use in urban high-rise construction has increased significantly in recent times as an alternative to climbing formwork. Speed, efficiency and absolute work safety are what matter most, especially in cramped urban environments.


High-rise cores

The ever-increasing extreme specifications regarding construction times are bringing about a renaissance of slipforming in urban high-rise construction. Compared to established climbing formwork approaches, slipforming has many major advantages, especially regarding construction times and the greater decoupling of processes.

Today, it has become a standard practice to lift concrete placing booms, cranes and more along with the slipform formwork. The closed deck and scaffolding create a safe and comfortable working environment for all workers involved. High-rise projects in urban settings are increasingly being carried out in 12h per day shifts to avoid undesirable construction site emissions at night. 

Finished projects

2 Cores Bergen



Thyssenkrupp Elevator Shaft Atlanta

United States

2019 - 2020

Cores VWS/RIVM Utrecht


2018 - 2019

EMA Amsterdam


2005 - 2006

Cores Battersea Phase 1

United Kingdom