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Hyperbolic slipforming

Hyperbolic slipforming is most commonly used for the construction of cooling towers that are characterised by their large, variable diameters and very thin wall thicknesses. 


Cooling towers

A type of slipform formwork specially developed for cooling tower construction that allows for the precise implementation of a required building geometry while also maintaining narrow tolerances in terms of inclination adjustment and wall thickness. Attachments to the outside of the structure guide the formwork and ensure that all platform loads are distributed evenly and safely. A second trailing deck on the outside of the tower makes it possible to reuse the guiding components. 

Even with this innovative process, the actual slipforming itself and the work steps carried out in parallel, such as concreting, reinforcing and sanding the fresh concrete surface, remain the same (along with the advantages of a safe, closed working deck, reduced construction times and significant cost savings).