Outstanding Solutions in Formwork Engineering



We go above and beyond for your success. Efficient. High-Quality. Safe.

Gleitbau GmbH's mission is to provide “outstanding” formwork engineering solutions ‒ in both senses of the word. Timesaving, economically efficient solutions are developed and implemented in close cooperation with the customer. This, our guarantee, is just as applicable to small, simple projects as it is to large, complex structures. Our customers range from clients / architects to general contractors and construction companies.

Expertise for projects of all sizes

Customers of Gleitbau GmbH can trust our more than six decades of experience successfully implementing international projects in the field. All knowledge gained and innovations made find their way into our daily work, both through planning and conception as well as through on-site execution.
It is this competitive advantage that often made it possible to implement our customers’ designs and envisioned plans in the first place ‒ whether through the development of new formwork techniques or specific application ideas.

Our greatest strength

As a specialist in formwork technology and heavy lifting, Gleitbau GmbH combines tried and tested knowledge from the fields of civil and mechanical engineering. Each project phase is coordinated with experts in structural engineering, concrete construction and construction logistics. Throughout the entire project process, the construction site infrastructure, additional essential areas, and all other relevant interfaces are integrated.

The ability to choose the most suitable construction method for each situation provides our clients with significant economic advantages. This is why it is not only important but economically sound to already involve Gleitbau’s engineers in the preliminary project phase.



Our commitment to quality is your added value.

Company policy

Gleitbau GmbH sees itself as an expert in the field of specialised construction with a focus on slipforming and heavy lifting. Our wide range of services is aimed at an international market, which is why we involve local partners in both project preparation and implementation. In terms of business strategy, Gleitbau GmbH seeks to become the market leader in formwork and heavy lifting construction with an innovative, unique solutions that allows for customised, project-specific problem solving.


Commitment to quality

In compliance with all requirements and with a view towards continuous organisational improvement, Gleitbau GmbH is committed to a high level of quality:

  1. in the services we provide to our customers
  2. in occupational health and safety
  3. in the economical use of resources and cost awareness

These quality criteria are measurable and subject to a periodic review as part of the management review. In annual strategy meetings, the results and conclusions are discussed and expanded on. Every employee is required to adhere to this commitment to quality. 


Commitment to health and safety  

The management of Gleitbau GmbH is committed to actively ensuring the health and safety of their employees, third parties and the public as well as to preventing occupational illnesses and damage to property and the environment in connection with their activities. One of our corporate goals is to achieve maximum safety through constant improvement, to strictly comply with the relevant legal regulations and to act in ISO 9001- and ISO 45001-compliant manner.

Each of our employees is personally instructed in the applicable safety regulations, as these regulations are an integral part of the company's core management and decision-making processes.

Company management sees the active implementation and planning of measures to promote, enforce and comply with health and safety regulations as an essential task. The avoidance of personal injury, property damage and environmental damage as well as the promotion of health and safety are a top priority to the company.

Company management is aware of the great benefits of pursuing such a policy, e.g. minimising injuries, health problems, damage to property and the adverse impact of our work processes on the environment. Gleitbau GmbH is thus able to create a work environment that motivates and supports all employees in their efforts to prevent work-related accidents and illnesses.

Gleitbau GmbH has set itself the goal of providing outstanding performance in the areas of safety, health and the environment, making every effort to promote and constantly improve the sense of responsibility, expertise and performance of our employees in these areas.



Ready to climb the career ladder? We are hiring:

Gleitbau GmbH is looking for people who think and act responsibly. We believe our employees are valuable assets, and we allow them to develop and demonstrate their full potential. The safety of our employees and every single person is at the heart of our endeavours.

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