Outstanding solutions in formwork engineering

Today, Gleitbau GmbH plays a leading role in the international slipform market thanks in part to its superior technology and the expertise it has gained in the highly complex field of oil and gas platform construction. In addition to cylindrical and conical slipform, our innovative company also offers special formwork solutions. Heavy lifting and post-tensioning systems complete the full range of products offered by Gleitbau GmbH.



We go above and beyond.

Vertical concrete slipform construction

Our first choice for building seamless structures. Towers, silos and more can be completed in record time with vertical concrete slipform construction. Gleitbau GmbH utilises their expert knowledge to maximise daily performance, shortening the time required to complete construction of your project.

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Heavy lifting

Perfect for fast construction. This construction technique involves lifting and lowering heavy loads using hydraulics. Massive components are moved into place with extreme precision. Our service is a time-saving addition to any slipforming endeavour.

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VBT Systems

We partner with VBT Systems for any projects that require a specialist in pre-stressed concrete engineering. Post-tensioning systems and slipform methods from a single source work to your advantage by saving you time, reducing your costs and simplifying overall project coordination.

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Your advantages? Quickly explained.


As a specialist in formwork technology, heavy lifting and pre-stressed concrete engineering, Gleitbau GmbH combines tried and tested knowledge from the fields of civil and mechanical engineering. Each project phase is coordinated by experts in structural engineering, concrete construction and construction logistics. Throughout the entire project process, the construction site infrastructure and other essential areas (along with all relevant interfaces) are integrated.

Visionary Approach

Customers of Gleitbau Salzburg can trust our more than six decades of experience successfully implementing international projects in the field. All knowledge gained and innovations made find their way into our daily work, both through planning and conception as well as through on-site execution. It is this competitive advantage that often made it possible to implement our customers’ designs and envisioned plans in the first place ‒ whether through the development of new formwork techniques or specific application ideas.


The ability to choose the most suitable construction method for each situation provides our clients with significant economic advantages. This is why it is not only important but economically sound to already involve Gleitbau’s engineers in the preliminary project phase.



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Outstanding solutions in formwork engineering
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Projects, we are proud of.

Silo Visnes



Silo Cimentrie Airvault



ACC Douvrin Gigafactory



Ventilation Shaft Hong Kong

Hong Kong SAR China


Surge Tower Rabat





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Gleitbau GmbH is looking for people who think and act responsibly. We believe our employees are valuable assets, and we allow them to develop and demonstrate their full potential. The safety of our employees and every single person is at the heart of our endeavours.

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