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Offshore construction

Conical structures with an inclined axis are an essential further development in slipform construction and are specifically designed to respond to challenging construction situations associated with offshore platforms or wind power stations. This makes it possible to build structures with a vertical axis inclination of up to 20° ‒ i.e. a geometry with an inclined axis.


Extreme geometries

The uniform, closed scaffoldings, which can be adjusted via spindles, are slidably mounted on the trussed girders; however, for this particular slipforming approach , the entire system can be controlled at any inclination up to 20°. At the same time, other changes to the geometry ‒ such as the large wall reinforcements to accommodate the actual drilling platform ‒ can be implemented.

Gleitbau Salzburg is the only company worldwide to offer and use this highly complex technology to successfully complete many projects.

Construction site impressions

Finished projects

Husky West White Rose Project


2017 - 2023

Offshore oil platform Hebron


2014 - 2015

Sakhalin I Oil and Gas Platform


2010 - 2011

Sakhalin II CGBS Oil & Gas Platform


2004 - 2005



1999 - 2000