Heavy lifting

Heavy lifting – the raising and lowering of heavy loads – has been a service provided by Gleitbau since the company was established. It is an essential component of our product portfolio.

Using hydraulic cable jacks, construction loads weighing tons can be lifted and lowered into position. These single jacks can be used in groups, and therefore are also well suited for middle to very big loads. In combination with slipforming projects, particularly industrial chimneys and bridge pylons, heavy lifting is increasingly carried out as a complimentary service.

Heavy lifting

In the case of industrial chimneys, the platforms within can be lifted; the liners are lifted through the platforms afterwards. The same applies to the horizontal cross-bars of cable-stayed and suspension bridges; they are lifted into precise position from the slipform itself or the slipformed bridge pylons to which they are tied positively.

A specific feature of Gleitbau’s lifting technology is the use of electronic simultaneous lifting devices allowing for a simultaneous lifting of all load points. We make use of this valuable supplementary system whenever high precision lifting is required.

Examples include fragile glass domes or devices for mechanical engineering prone to relative deformations as well as minimum structural and height tolerances which require the highest precision in steady lifting. Following the highest possible safety standards we make sure that the loads we’re entrusted with reach their destinations safely.


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