Outstanding Solutions in formwork engineering

Since its establishment in 1961, Gleitbau Salzburg has progressed with its innovativeness, implementing new technological developments on the market. Initially, the slipform technique was used for silo construction, later the utilization range extended well beyond a simple functional building.

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In the mid 60s, as a result of the constant upward growth of buildings and their complicated geometric shapes, Gleitbau Salzburg developed, in addition to the cylindrical formwork, the conical formwork process. The results created incredible international interest and contracts extending far beyond European borders.

Using superior technology, it has been possible for Gleitbau Salzburg to become established in market segments which had previously not utilized the slipform technique. For example: conical chimneys, towers, bridges and multi floor high rise buildings. At the same time, Gleitbau engineers were working on the development of the future-oriented „heavy lifting“ technology.

In the mid 70s, Gleitbau took its first step into the offshore area with the construction of oil and gas platforms. Gleitbau was able to take a leading role in the international slipform market through its knowledge gained under these extreme conditions.

Gleitbau Salzburg developed, along with the slipform technique, the self climbing jumpform and egg shaped formwork techniques, which have resulted in a stronger market position. Specific and unique formwork solutions for single projects required new ideas and concept from the Gleitbau engineers.

On the brink of the next century, Gleitbau Salzburg will incorporate technological know-how in conjunction with a full service company, concentrating its expertise in the engineering sector. Individual economic problem solving for projects of any size is Gleitbau’s philosophy.

Certified according to ISO 9001
as well as BS OHSAS certified